Campaign for SMSA

Do you remember the time when you were a freshman navigating through the
massive UC Berkeley campus?

Do you remember the achievements and struggles you experienced during
your time in UC Berkeley?

Do you remember the excitement you felt on your Commencement Day,
as you await a world of endless possibilities after graduation?

Whether you are pursuing a post-graduate education or on your path towards a successful career, we strongly believe that your experience at UC Berkeley has played a pivotal role in defining the person you are today. At SSA, we hope that you will contribute back to your alma mater by playing an active role and giving back directly to the Singapore community at Cal. Every act of generosity counts towards improving the opportunities and programs for students who are associated with SSA.

In this coming year, we aspire to organize our events around these central principles:

Website - staying relevantStaying Relevant

To ensure students stay connected within the SSA family, we must continuously be a relevant part of their college lives. We will diversify our portfolio to include more campus-wide activities, and professional events to cater our diverse community of students. In the future, we aim to be a resource for all students — providing internship opportunities and career guidance through our vast network of Singapore alumni.

Website - engagedEngaging our Community

SSA will organize high quality events that engage the student population in UC Berkeley. Through active student involvement, we aim to give members across levels and across nationalities the opportunity to forge stronger ties with one another and to feel at home, despite being away from home. Eventually, we hope to expand our outreach to the rest of the campus community.

Website - continuity

Ensuring Continuity

We are constantly improving the sustainability, efficacy and efficiency of the student organization. We will increase alumni engagement and contribution to the organization. Other than donating back to the organization, we will provide platforms such as dialogues where the alumni can also participate and share their insights with our students.

Website - promote

Promoting our Culture

Through increased collaborations with other campus organizations such as the East Asian Union, we hope to share our distinct Southeast Asian heritage and create understanding of our culture amongst the campus community. We also aim to be the platform that showcases what our countries have to offer and encourage global talents to visit, invest, work or live in Singapore.


Website - familyBuilding a Family

A strong sense of familial identity should be at the core of every culturally linked organization. Through our family system, we have support structures that cater to students from various backgrounds. The SSA will not only be a safety net where students can fall back on in times of need, but also a place where they can relax and enjoy each other’s company.

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We hope that you can fill in your personal particulars so that we can acknowledge your contribution to the organization. We thank you for your generosity and look forward to connecting with you again in our future events.