The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Singapore Student Association comprises the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Directors, External Co-ordinators and Social Chair. As leaders of the organization, each EXCO member is fully committed and responsible to build a close-knit community of students associated with Singapore. Together, the EXCO conceptualizes ideas, plan and execute events that you can look forward to!

Here are the personal profiles of the 2020 — 2021 SSA EXCO:

Vanessa Lim


Vanessa is a sophomore majoring in Chemical Engineering and thinking of minoring in Art History (or some arts minor). She loves tea, in almost any form, and good food – she’s always down to hang out over a meal or get bubble tea! She has wide-ranging interests and hopes that Cal is where she will find people who are also passionate about the intersections of STEM and Art 😀 While she very much enjoys staying indoors and adopting the sedentary lifestyle, being in California has reignited her love for the outdoors and nature, she wants to go on more hikes and road trips to see all the amazing sights the west coast has to offer 🙂

Shin Ning Chan


Shin is currently a sophomore studying she-doesn’t-know-what-yet, taking the time to explore more of life’s many options 🙂 She doesn’t drink coffee but ask her out for bubble tea anytime!! She loves talking to people and sharing her experiences and opinions. She is always down to play volleyball, and her goal at Cal is to spend as much time traveling as possible!! And then to graduate fulfilled.


Lincoln Too


Lincoln is a sophomore studying EMS. He is a degenerate that enjoys watching anime/reading manga, playing sports and sometimes building stuff. He’s the go-to person if you ever need someone to talk to about dumb, non-academic stuff but everyone in Berkeley is too smart and motivated. His life goal is to be happy, maybe live in a treehouse by the countryside. 🙂 



Aboli is a sophomore majoring in Civil and Environmental Engineering and minoring in Data Science. She loves to travel, hunt for new food places and spends too much time learning random vocabulary in different languages. Feel free to hit her up for coffee, dessert, ice cream or just chatting about space, nature or politics!

Michael Leong

Events Director

Michael is currently a sophomore majoring in Civil & Environmental Engineering and minoring in City & Regional Planning.  Chat him up about photography, design, urbanism, transport, food, tea, travel, or literally anything.  He hopes to travel overland from Singapore to London one day, as well as cross both America and Canada by rail sometime while in college (if the coronavirus behaves itself).

Lulu Zhang

Events Director

Lulu is a sophomore majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and possibly also minoring in Electronic & Intelligent Systems. She is into speedcubing (but hasn’t been actively memorising algorithms for the past few years so she’s probably really rusty by now), and absolutely LOVES going on road trips. Do feel free to hit her up to check out good food places around town, a quick weekend getaway or for a friendly match of amateur badminton/tennis!

Chelsia Low

External Director

Chelsia is a sophomore majoring in Economics with too much coffee running through her veins. Her diet is 60% desserts (most of it chocolate or matcha), and she hopes to skip to retirement ASAP and just open a farm. Maybe she will live beside Lincoln’s treehouse. Until that happens, find her hiking, planning her next trip, and getting lost on campus (yes, still).

Athena Leong

External Director

Athena is a sophomore majoring in CS. She really enjoys learning and chatting about crazy ideas. She loves making so definitely hit her up for a build sess at the makerspace. She also loves travelling and dreams to visit outer space or explore Europe in an RV! 

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Tara Menon

Social Chair

Tara is a sophomore intending to major in Data Science and Economics. She loves to travel and explore new places, watch Netflix, and is always down to try new food places or grab coffee! She loves meeting new people so feel free to hit her up to hang out or chat!

Persis Gan

Social Chair

Persis is a sophomore, intending to major in Global Studies. She loves travelling in general (the more spontaneous the better), patting golden retrievers, and writing. 

Past EXCO:

AY 2019-2020

Adriel Tan


 Ashley Yip


 Jiong Han


 Luna Luo


 Jenny Chen

Event Director

 Rachel Ng

Event Director

 Will Ko

External Director

 Chris Ko

External Director

 Jerry Lai

External Director

 Kylene Tsai

Social Chair

AY 2018-2019


 Lim Mingjun (MJ)



 Raphael Chew



 Kawin S.



 Tommy Poa



 Elaine Yeo

Event Director


 Yash Chainani

Event Director


 Janelle Lee

External Director


 Deng Fang Shuo

Tech/External Director

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 Marcel Tan

Social Chair

AY 2017-2018:

Wen Rui

 Wen Rui Liau (Ray)

President/Tech Director

Kate cropped

 Kate Tan


Chinmoy Cropped

 Chinmoy Saayujya

Treasurer/Publicity Director

Eunice Cropped

 Eunice Tan Hui Sian


crystal cropped

 Crystal Lee

Event Director

Dao Ming cropped

 Lee Dao Ming

Event Director

Kartikye Cropped

 Kartikye Mittal

Social Chair



 Leon Sim



 Ong Sheng Siong



 Saurabh Malani



 Ong Xin Suen



 Vivian Li

Publicity Director


 Christie Koay

Event Director


 Vanessa Ng