The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (EXCO) of the Singapore Student Association comprises the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, Event Directors, Publicity Director, Public Relations and Social Chair. As leaders of the organization, each EXCO member is fully committed and responsible to build a close-knit community of students associated with Singapore. Together, the EXCO conceptualizes ideas, plan and execute events that you can look forward to!

Here are the personal profiles of the 2018 — 2019 SSA EXCO:

 Lim Mingjun (MJ)



Mingjun is a sophomore Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Major. Not to be confused with his 2 (debatably) better looking and (undoubtedly) more talented triplet brothers (or so he’s told), he makes up for his shortcomings by um… having a great personality? He’s always down to dance, play basketball, look for great food, explore places or do really anything that will distract him from his academics.

Raphael Chew



Raphael is a Chemical Engineering major. At Cal, he is involved in Hillel and First Pres. Outside of Cal, he enjoys playing board games, Bridge, and his ukulele. He also loves reading/watching/talking with people about geopolitics/current affairs, theology, and Naruto.

 Kawin Swaddiwudhipong



Kawin’s last name is the 3rd best thing about him. The second is his love for chemistry, which overflows especially when he waxes lyrical about Chem 12B, his favorite class in Cal without a doubt. Besides being a chemist, Kawin is also a poet by night, and he write long, beautiful, and long odes about his love for chemistry. Kawin’s best thing is his sunny disposition.

Tommy Poa



Tommy is PASSIONATE about Electrical Engineering, and his PASSION for electrical engineering is second only to his passion for the Force. Some may say that Tommy is a bit of an aspiring electrical engineer, especially since he took Berkeley’s premier Electrical Engineering introductory class EE 16B with his best friend in the world and an absolutely all-around fantastic human being Fang Shuo (see below). Now, Tommy considers himself to be somewhat of a signal processing aficionado. Tommy also enjoys philosophy, sociology, computer science, photography, mexican food and Cory Hall. He is a Liberal Artist.

Elaine Yeo

Event Director


Elaine really enjoys history. Like seriously. She enjoys it so much that when she’s not studying history, she’s watching history – korean history, dramatized in contemporaries films, but history nonetheless. Elaine is looking for non-STEM friends. Fun fact: she’s born in California! She loves karaoke (preference for Chinese songs) and bridge. In her spare time, she likes singing, travelling, watching movies and kdramas and having a good time with friends.

Yash Chainani

Event Director


Yash is a second year chemical engineering major. He is really passionate about research in the sciences and is currently working in a laboratory sponsored by Intel that focuses on Quantum Materials. In his spare time, Yash can be seen at various coffee spots around campus trying out all kinds of caffeinated drinks. He is a major caffeine fan and can almost always be seen with a cup in hand. Yash’s hobbies include hiking and Yoga, and just this semester, Yash took a yoga class as part of the physical education curriculum that he highly highly recommends. Yash is not single.

Janelle Lee

External Director


Janelle is SSA’s very own D1 Frisbee player. For those of you who need context about what that means: D1 is the HIGHEST LEVEL of collegiate sport, which means that literally, only the best of the best play D1. Michael Jordan played D1, so Janelle is basically the Michael Jordan of Frisbee, but better. Yeap. It’s a big deal. Janelle enjoys boba, mexican food, and church.

Deng Fang Shuo

External Director | Publicity Director


Fang Shuo hates fun, so if you ever need someone to stare into space or watch paint dry with, Fang’s your guy. When Fang Shuo isn’t doing CS in the All Purpose Room, he’s doing CS in the library. He also dances – a little bit. Fang Shuo is a lover of the Liberal Arts, and on campus, he’s also involved with Mobile Developers of Berkeley & Net Impact, a social impact consulting club. Fang Shuo spent a lot of time on his personal website, and if you wanna check it out, you can find it here. Fang Shuo enjoys deep conversations.

Marcel Tan

Social Chair

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Marcel is a sophomore Political Science major with an interest in international relations, journalism, design and marketing. In his free time, he enjoys playing the drums, long-distance running and hiking at cool spots around Berkeley. He is a fan of both deep conversations and light-hearted banter. Marcel also reminds everyone to #rushSEP.


Here are the past EXCO members as well:

President – Wen Rui Liau (Ray)
Vice-President – Kate Tan
Secretary – Eunice Tan Hui Sian
Treasurer – Chinmoy Saayujya
Publicity Director – Chinmoy Saayujya
Event Directors – Crystal Lee & Lee Dao Ming
Social Chair – Kartikye Mittal

President – Leon Sim
Vice-President – Ong Sheng Siong
Secretary – Ong Xin Suen
Treasurer – Saurabh Malani
Publicity Director – Vivian Li
Event Director – Christie Koay
“Mascot” – Vanessa Ng